FactoryClean automates the documentation of production lines and factory cleaning processes

Everybody who ever has experienced a food recall knows how important FoodSafety is in food processing plants and how destroying the financial impact can be. When it comes to food Safety one of the most important thing to do is having a proper cleaning procedure in place. Still today many of such cleaning procedures are manual documented and not really controlled or tracked. Tracing back an issue is most of the time simply impossible.

FactoryClean is the solution to improve the Food Safety and your cleaning procedure in your food production plant (PEC and PIC). Be ready for any audit at any time due to the automated documentation and online access. Use FactoryClean as your unique selling point towards your customer and be one step ahead to your competition.


-Full control and clear instructions on PIC (periodic infrastructure cleaning)and PEC (periodic equipment cleaning)

-Clear procedures are implemented which can be adjust and customized

-100% transparency

-Improves traceability

-Automatic generation of cleaning report

-Automaticly giving alarm if temperature/humidity/mold achiving certain limits

-Cleaning intervals dependent on temperature and humidity

-Benchmarking system