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With ADVACTORY, we digitize the important processes in your company.


ADVACTORY digitizes quality management processes and workflows in your company. All your processes can be run from your smartphone or tablet, are evaluated completely automatically and you are informed immediately in case of critical results or delays. The dashboard function lets you know the status of your operation at all times. Tedious and time-consuming checking of checklists and tables is no longer necessary. With ADVACTORY your company is audit ready at any time.
Whether in the food processing industry or in public administrations, ADVACTORY can be used wherever documentation is required.
With ADVACTORY you have access to your quality management documentation at any time and from anywhere.

With ADVACTORY you define your quality-critical processes, the evaluation Thanks to intelligent plans, your employees are automatically reminded of upcoming tasks and guided directly through the individual steps of execution on a mobile device, work and safety instructions can be integrated directly.
You decide how your processes are designed, ADVACTORY has the necessary tools. Whether simple clicks, photo confirmations, bar codes and much more, with ADVACTORY we map the processes according to your ideas.
Use your time for more important things than document controls, ADVACTORY takes care of that for you and involves you at www.advactory.com.


ADVACTORY Quality management

Once all tasks and processes are integrated in ADVACTORY, ADVACTORY automatically generates the tasks from them and visualizes them to the different employees. They receive a task list on their device and can thus perform the various tasks as follows very quickly and efficiently. ADVACTORY guides the employees and documents the different steps and actions directly.

  • CCP Management & Controls
  • CP Management & Controls
  • Glass and hard plastic controls
  • Production Controls

ADVACTORY Hygiene management

Even with tasks like…

  • Disinfection (e.g. Corona)

  • Building cleaning

  • Machine cleaning

  • Hygiene tours & controls

  • etc..
    ADVACTORY not only increases the quality of the tasks and thus the quality of your product, but at the same time improves efficiency and thus reduces your costs. See for yourself.

Service and maintenance

  • The individual tasks involved in maintenance and servicing can be very complex. In addition, if maintenance is not performed correctly, the entire plant can come to a standstill. ADVACTORY ensures that your employees are guided through complex tasks and that your plant runs without unplanned interruptions.

  • Mechanical maintenance

  • Electrical maintenance

  • External inspections


With ADVACTORY, we naturally offer you a service and training package tailored to your needs. From instruction via the Internet to complete implementation and optimization on site, we offer the right service package for you. Please contact us.

Integrate photos and scan QR codes

ADVACTORY is able to integrate photos as part of the work steps or tours. This is easily done with the camera of the smartphone or tablet, e.g. during a hygiene tour because a gearbox is losing oil. At the same time, this problem is automatically communicated to the right person so that they can fix it right away. It doesn’t get any more efficient than that. ADVACTORY can also generate codes that can be attached to machines or other places in the plant. During a CCP check, for example, this code can be easily scanned with the camera of the cell phone or tablet and the system knows that the employee has checked it.

Reporting and Dashboard

With the ADVACTORY dashboard and reporting you not only have a complete overview of your quality management of your plant, you also have the possibility to make a benchmark (comparison) between two or more production lines or plants.Management reports, audit reports or other evaluations you get with one click and thus become enormously efficient and this no matter where you are.

Act before you have to react

Whether you need full control in hygiene & quality management or create documentation and audits with one click or have live dashboards at your disposal to proactively manage your company and plant – ADVACTORY makes it possible! Contact us and become a winner of digitalization with our innovative and extremely efficient ADVACTORY solution. And by the way, at all of our customers we have optimized and streamlined all processes at the same time as introducing ADVACTORY.
Are you ready?  ADVACTORY!



Termico specializes in heat disinfestation in the field of pest control.
Our solution was developed from the needs of the food processing industry, as an alternative to traditional methods of pest control, without the use of toxins and chemicals.
Termico GmbH in Zittau / Germany a partner of Wingmen Group.

What is Termico?

Short preparation time

All our equipment can already be installed or dismantled during ongoing operations in order to keep the interruption of production in your company as short as possible.
Do you have questions about equipment rental or our various service solutions? We will be happy to create an individual service concept for you, tailored to your needs.

Pest control without chemistry

Pests are a major challenge for mill operators worldwide in the milling and compound feed industries. Due to perfect development conditions for insects in machines and buildings, regular fumigation by professional pest controllers is necessary every year in many operations.
For many years, heat disinfestation has been successfully used as an alternative to traditional fumigation, especially in German-speaking countries. Complete buildings or plant parts are heated up to over 50° for a predefined time, with very impressive and visible results. Insects in all stages of development are successfully controlled without the use of poisons and chemicals.

Why heat treatment for pest control?

Heat treatment for pest control in food processing plants is a well known and proven technology that has been used for years, especially in Europe, Japan and North America since methyl bromide was banned for fogging in food processing plants.
Entire production facilities and farms are heated to temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius over a 24- to 48-hour period, with impressive results. Insects in all stages of development die as a result of the increase in their body temperature. No chemicals are used!

How to use heat disinfestation in silos? Technical service

The simplest solution would be to heat the silo cells as well when disinfesting the entire building, but this is not possible in most plants due to the high workload.

Almost all finished product silos are completely filled before heat disinfestation in order to continue packaging and loading directly afterwards. This is the only way to avoid longer interruptions in operation. Each silo must therefore be individually gassed during ongoing production. This is a major challenge for many plants, as the following points have to be taken into account:

  • Only trained personnel with appropriate training certificates may perform the fumigation.

  • Fumigation with photoxin, for example, takes 3-5 days, depending on the temperature, which is a great challenge when the silo cell is occupied.

  • During the fumigation, the entire building or at least the area above and below the silo cells should be closed to employees. This is also a major challenge during ongoing operations

  • The storage of chemicals is strictly regulated and must be documented in detail.

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Contact us and learn more about Termico and pest control without chemicals.



Termico specializes in heat disinfestation in the field of pest control.
Our solution was developed from the needs of the food processing industry, as an alternative to traditional methods of pest control, without the use of toxins and chemicals.
Termico GmbH in Zittau / Germany a partner of Wingmen Group.


Act instead of react

With the intelligent ADVACTORY sensors, critical parameters such as air humidity, temperature, air quality or dust density can be measured, visualized and documented in real time. Thanks to artificial intelligence, quality management processes and time intervals can be intelligently linked and optimized. Through the alarm function, ADVACTORY informs you when critical values are exceeded.
ADVACTORY sensors are battery-powered and have their own Internet access, so there is no need to integrate them into your IT infrastructure. Our sensors are also compatible with our cleaning robot Kari. This robot can simply strap the sensors on its back and reliably provides you with mobile information such as temperature distribution on a floor, etc..
A beetle infestation in your mill or plant will also be a thing of the past with the combination of sensors and ADVACTORY, as measurements are taken continuously and actions are automatically triggered when limits are exceeded to ensure that beetles are eliminated before they multiply.

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Specially developed for the needs of the food processing industry

KARI at a glance

What is kari?

KARI V-1 is specially designed for the needs and requirements of the grain and food processing industry. With its robust design and powerful suction, KARI is the ideal helper for daily cleaning tasks. Improve your basic hygiene in your operation and let KARI clean for you.

  • The two side brushes are made of special wear-resistant material and have food approval

  • Edges and corners are reliably and effortlessly cleaned by extended side brushes

  • The additional height-adjustable wear protection can be adjusted to the individual characteristics of the areas to be cleaned and at the same time reliably protects against high wear caused by sharp edges and corners

  • The possibility to adjust the height of the wear protection has reduced the “sticking” and “hanging” of the robot by 90%.

  • Mounting device for installation for additional sensor technology

Suction robot KARI

  • The two 18V/6.0Ah batteries help Kari to maximum suction power. Kari cleans up to 4 hours without a break on one battery charge.

  • With its 8 Ultrasonic sensors, Kari navigates through your farm and reliably detects obstacles

  • Thanks to its 4 infrared sensors, floor openings and stairs are reliably detected.

  • With its 3-stage cleaning, Kari easily collects all dirt in its integrated 2.5 liter dust bin.


Karis dimensions and weight

  • Diameter 46cm

  • Height 18cm

  • Total weight 8,1kg

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Contact us to learn more about the KARI V-1, designed specifically for the needs of the food processing industry.

Special package KARI V-1

Assembled to work about a year Kari carefree.

Our Kari is exclusively available in a complete package and includes the following accessories and wear parts:

1 x Kari vacuum robot 18V
4 x 18V / 6.0Ah high performance rechargeable batteries
1 x Double quick charger for non-stop operation
2 x sensor marking tape (15m)
6 x spare side brushes with food approval
1 x spare main brush
1 x spare air filter

With the Kari special package you have all wear parts for approx. 12 months.