ADVACTORY – Smart Factory Hygiene Solutions

ADVACTORY is the ideal solution to improve food safety, quality management and cleaning procedures in your food production plant. Be ready for any audit at any time due to the automated paperless documentation and online accessibility system. 

Users can utilise the ADVACTORY system as their own unique selling point towards their own customers and ensure they remain one step ahead of competition. Through use of Wingmen sensors and robotic technologies plants will have their own unique ‘nervous system’ which allows any food producer to act prior to issues, instead of reacting to already occurring issues. 

Automatic cleaning robots are well known in private households. Wingmen Group has also introduced cleaning robots to the food industry and milling industry. Wingmen robots are all equipped with food grade certified brushes and all the robots can be used as standalone models or integrated into the ADVACTORY system. 

Knowing the process and environmental conditions in a food plant is also key to success in the future and a competitive advantage. The future is today, with Wingmen’s monitoring systems. By measuring different parameters of the plant like temperature, air humidity, dust level, air quality etc, Wingmen solutions ensure users are always aware of how their facility is operating. 

With the company’s Wingmen-Termico solutions, they can provide users with a 100 percent poison-free pest control solution through heat treatment applications for your plant or silos.

Termico Heat Treatment

Termico Silo THT nominated for Grapas Innovation Award 2020



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